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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Learning in a Share Size Bag

Yesterday, my 3 year old son came home from an afternoon outing with my wife.  On the corner of his mouth was sweet rainbow residue and he was smiling from ear to ear. In his small hand was a giant and vibrant bag of colorful Skittles. Although my taste buds watered with anticipatory exhultation, it was an unexpected  branding that caught my attention. A new banner was displayed on the right side of the Skittles packaging. The infamous "King Size" label had been replaced with a phrase that has redefined how we learn. In plain white letters, surrounded by the well-known "Twitter" blue was the new phrase..."Share Size." Brilliant! It made it natural for my paternal commentary to exclaim, "Now see, son, you have to share those little sweet bites."

My final thought:
Learning is about sharing. Sharing accountability, ideas, and future space.

May we all remember to grab the "Share Size" so the ideas that percolate and pour out onto the digital landscape continue to flow...

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